Discover the south of the Dominican Republic

In this article we will discover the south of the Dominican Republic.

The south of the Dominican Republic is a very diverse region where tropical beaches, mountains, rivers and urban life converge. It has much to offer tourists and locals alike. Because of its diversity, there is something to find for everyone. Below you will find the highlights of the south:

Colonial Zone

The Colonial Zone is the historic center of Santo Domingo. It was the first city in the New World founded by Columbus in 1496. It is one of the most romantic, historical, lively and cultural places in Santo Domingo.

Today, the Colonial Zone is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Santo Domingo. However, it does not look like a typical tourist area. It is dominated by locals who have preserved the colonial atmosphere.

Colonial Zone is one of Santo Domingo’s few walking areas. There are many things to do in the Colonial Zone. It has many cafes, bars, restaurants, shopping streets and historic hotels. The area is comparable to an open-air museum because of its many incredible historical and cultural monuments located around the area. Think Parque Colon, Fortaleza Ozama, Plaza de España and the Casas Reales.

La Caobita Beach, Azua

La Caobita Beach located in the province of Azua is known for its beautiful nature, mangrove and coral reef. It is a beautiful beach where you can practice water sports such as diving and snorkeling.


Barahona is a very diverse province in the south. The unique combination of beaches, mountains and rivers makes it an extraordinary place. Barahona immerses you in a world of fishing villages, with white sandy beaches at the foot of beautiful mountain ranges overlooking the beautiful turquoise sea.

Barahona has the most biodiverse parks and reserves in the country and is very popular among surfers for its best surfing beaches. It is not only a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers, but also the perfect place to relax on the beach and enjoy a typical cocktail at one of the local bars in town.

Las Águilas Bay

Las Águilas Bay, the paradise of the south, is known as one of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches in the Dominican Republic. White sand, blue water, turtles, coral reef, palm trees and warm breezes are what you will find in this tropical paradise.

The beach is located in the Jaragua National Park, in the province of Pedernales. The bay extends along 7 km of coastline. In the protected area Bahía de Las Águilas there are no restaurants, bars, hotels or stores. This gives it a peaceful natural environment.

Are you traveling with friends, family or are you a local and want to explore more of the country? Then don’t hesitate to visit the South. With beaches, mountains, rivers and culture, the South really has it all to satisfy everyone’s desires. Has this piqued your interest? Take a look at our tours to discover the most beautiful and emblematic places.

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