Horseback riding to Pico Duarte: an exciting 2 to 4-day adventure

Horseback riding to Pico Duarte: climb the mountain on horseback and enjoy unique panoramic views, discover this unforgettable experience!

Pico Duarte National Park offers a wide variety of equestrian activities that are ideal for exploring the natural beauty of the southern region of the country, for those visitors who have some limitation to make long walks or for those who enjoy this activity.

Among the options available are horseback riding on the park’s trails, guided bird watching tours, and visits to waterfalls and streams.

During the tour of several days, depending on the chosen route, visitors can enjoy the tranquility of nature and the freshness of the mountain, while riding through the beautiful landscapes offered by the different routes to climb the park.

Climbing Pico Duarte on horseback is an impressive adventure that you should take advantage of, as it will allow you to appreciate the panoramic views of the mountainous landscape and the exuberant flora and fauna that inhabits it. Besides being an exciting experience, it will allow you to reach the summit without having to walk for hours. Although it is important to keep in mind that this activity requires some skill and experience in horseback riding, as well as the hiring of an experienced guide to accompany you throughout the journey.

Horseback riding up the Pico Duarte can be a unique opportunity to enjoy nature and go beyond your own limits. Come and discover all the wonders that the Pico Duarte National Park has to offer to horse lovers!

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